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Holidays in the region Murau-Kreischberg

Holidays with the family

The family run hotel is situated in the center of the historical old town of Murau in the heart of Styria. Since more than 300 years the Lercher's Restaurant stands for traditional Murauer hospitality at the foot of the castle hill - the castle of Murau of the Princely Family of Schwarzenberg. Experience the diversity of our region from the alpine Niedere Tauern to the smooth giants of the Nockberge and the crystal clear mountain lakes in summer or alpine skiing, fun tobogganing runs and sleigh rides in winter

Let yourself be convinced by our traditional Austrian festivals, such as our customs around Easter. A traditional Easter egg-hunt is awaiting your kids - but of course you are also able to participate. Getting curious?

Family time in summer

Enjoy time with your family during summer vacations or the beautiful autumn in Murau. The region surprises with its' numerous adventurous excursion destinations

During a small hike you leisurely explore the area. Our local mountain is perfect for beginner tours. From the "Murauer Hut" you reach the top of the mountain with your kids in about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Your youngest are able to look for the next red-white-red mark of the path, watch cows from the distance, listen to the chirping of the birds and together you are able to identify the trees at the edge of the forest. The fresh air will be good for you.

If you are lucky, you are able to find a few delicious blueberries and cranberries at the end of August. While snacking time flies and you reach the mountain top in no time. At the top you are rewarded with a fantastic panoramic view. Together with your family you are able to identify the surrounding mountains with the help of the engravings on the stone table. Don't forget to sign the summit register and take away a stamp as a symbol for your victory of reaching the top of the mountain. Hungry as a hunter you hike down the valley and are looking forward to a stop at the rustic "Murauer Hut"

Family time in Murau
from € 273,00

Time off with your family

- 3 / 4 / 5 nights
- bookable from 4.7. - 10.9.2023

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Holidays with grandma and grandpa in Autumn
from € 260,00

Days with the grandchildren

- 3 / 4 / 5 nights
- bookable from 25.10. - 2.11.2023

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Fun for kids in the snow

Fun for kids in the snow

- 3 nights
- bookable in winter 2023/2024

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Getting to know Murau

The guided tour for children at the castle of Murau invites you take part in a discovery tour into the history of the city. During the tour you are also able to discover the dungeon of the castle. Learn more about the Princely Family of Schwarzenberg (former foreign minister of the Czech Republic). During your city walk you are able explore the "playground of generations" at the city park. Plan some time here, so your kids are able to romp around the playground. The trampoline, the swings, the sandbox, the climbing course and the outdoor water adventure are already waiting for you and your kids. 

Feel like a cycling tour? With the Murtalrailway you are able to explore the area and for the tour you have to get off in Tamsweg. Arrived in Tamsweg with your bikes beside you, you are able to start your tour. Small and charming villages line up along the Mur and invite you to stay a little while. Castles are showing themselves through the forests and spark your imagination. Arrived in Stadl, you are able to refresh yourself at the outdoor swimming pond. Your kids are excited and can't wait to get into the cool water. Before you move on you might want to enjoy a delicious scoop of ice cream. 

Since you are in the most densely wooded district of Styria, don't forget to visit the Timber Museum. You are able to discover everything about the renewable resource of wood on your own. Don't forget to visit the wood-water-playground. Your kids are going to love it (don't forget to bring a second range of dry clothes for your kids!). How about a bit of tree climbing? The high-wire climbing park Oberwölz is the perfect place for you and your loved ones. You are able to choose between 10 different trails and test your fear of heights. With the zip line you are able to swing over the Wölzer river. A little bit of screaming is a must. Your kids are going to love this adventure. The Red Bull Ring in Spielberg is definitely also worth a visit.

During the mild summer evening you are able to let the day come to an end and relax with your loved ones at the terrace out of larch wood. 

Enjoy the time with your family

If you are in Murau, a small tour through the Brewery of the Senses is a must. Take a peak behind the curtains of the 525-year old art of brewing in Murau. Back from your trip you deserve a small break in our cozy wellness area. Let yourself be pampered in the evening at the Lercher's Restaurant

Cycling in Murau in Styria


Discover the most beautiful hiking- and cycling tours

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Family holidays in autumn

Autumn holidays in Murau

Time for your family during an autumn vacation in Murau

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Easter holidays in Murau

Easter holidays in Murau

Experience the customs around Easter

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Winter in Murau off the slopes

You and your kids need a break from being on the slopes? How about you try uphill tobogganing? For this unique experience you are able to rent toboggans from the "Tonner Hut" at the Zirbitzkogel and go uphill with a tow lift. Your children are going to love it, no more boring hikes up the mountain. Arrived at the top you are able to choose between 4 different toboggan runs, from 1.000 m up to 1.500 m of length. Laid-back you get on the toboggan and race down the hill. The snow whirls up after passing sharp curves. While racing downhill to the valley with your family, you are getting more and more competitive. You arrive with a big smile on your face. 

Fancy an adventure? Feel like a hunter and go hunting with your family. In about 10 minutes you reach St. Lorenzen am Kreischberg. There you are able to prey on 30 3D figures and try your archery skills even in winter. You'll see, it is not as easy as it seems.

Active winter holidays

During your trip to the snowy region Murau there is something for everyone. Snow mans are waiting for your kids to be build in front of the hotel. 

Look forward to family friendly slopes at the Kreischberg, the Lachtal or the Grebenzen during the Christmas holidays and the semester break. Fun ski courses for children, but also for adults are waiting for you. You are able to choose the right equipment for you from one of many ski rentals available at the foot of the ski mountains. 

On skis or a snowboard your kids race through the adventure trail. The small racers are already competing with their parents! They skilfully pass one slalom pole after the other at the racing track. Your kids are almost able to keep up with their parents at the speed measurement on the racing track. Rustic huts and restaurants are inviting you to enter and recharge your energy while enjoying delicious food and drinks. Warmed up again you are ready for the next adventure. Romping around in the snow is exhausting. Everyone is going to love the afternoon skier snack!

Semester break in Murau for the whole family

Semester break

Family holidays during the semester break

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Ski region Kreischberg in Murau, Styria

Ski area Kreischberg

Only 9 minutes by car, Ski-shuttle

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Ski region Lachtal in the Murtal, Styria

Ski area Lachtal

Winter fun, only 35 minutes by car

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