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Experience Easter with tradition

Easter holidays at the Hotel Gasthof Lercher

During your Easter holidays at the Hotel Gasthof Lerchertradition is our top priority. Several items on our agenda are going to brighten up the festive time and make your holiday in the region Murau-Kreischberg unique. 

4 nights easter special

Lercher’s easter special

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- children free until 14 years in their parents room
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Customs and tradition in Styria

On the Sunday before Easter the last fasting week is started with the traditional blessing of the "Palmbuschen" (a homemade bouquet out of palm leaves). Children are holding colorful bouquets out of catkins, heather, juniper, box-tree branches and branches of yew tightly in their hands. The bouquet is brought to the houses, the farm and the fields. They are supposed to protect the property from storms. 

Starting on Thursday you are able to listen to the "Ratschen" (wooden ratchets, which make creaking sounds) instead of the church bells. Legend has it, that the church bells flew to Rome and are only coming back after the resurrection of Jesus. Most of the time the "Ratschen" are homemade in different sizes and with different sounds. 

Easter holidays at the Hotel Lercher in Murau

On Holy Saturday the traditional blessing of the food takes place in the early afternoon at the "Rindermarkt" in Murau. Full baskets filled with meat, eggs, horseradish, bread and salt are covered with small bouquets of herbs and a small homemade cloth, which is handed down from generation to generation. After a blessing, the delicious food is eaten together as a family. We have prepared a small basket for each of our guests. 

During dinner the "Eiertutschen" is a must! Two pre-boiled and colored eggs are hit against each other - the winner receives the broken egg of the other person. 

In the evening of the Holy Saturday at 7.30 pm, the traditional Easter fire is lightened for the kids at the fire station Eisgrube. A few days before, wood and twigs are gathered together. In order for the fire not be lightened early, someone has to guard the pile of wood during the night. Celebrate together with the locals at the warming and crackling fire. 

On the morning of Easter Sunday, we invite you to an Easter egg hunt around the hotel. The eyes of your children are going to sparkle if they hear about the hunt. Of course, grown ups are also allowed to participate and get excited over finding colored eggs. 

During the Easter time we spoil you with traditional Easter delicacies, from creamed soups over blessed meat and goat meat in our restaurant

Easter holidays with the whole family

Spend your Easter time at the Hotel Gasthof Lercher in Murau with the whole family! There are hotel rooms ***, the hotel rooms **** or the Murauer rooms **** available for you to choose. The in-house wellness area with its' sauna, steam bath, infrared cabin and massages (advanced registration necessary) is the perfect place to decelerate and relax. 

Escape every-day life and consciously enjoy the beauty of the region Murau-Kreischberg. Picturesque villages, crystal clear mountain lakes, alpine territory, smooth mountains and green forests are waiting for you to be discovered. Be part of our rich culture. Discover the Brewery of the Senses, the castle of Murau and the monastery of St. Lambrecht. The Red Bull Ring in Spielberg is also worth a visit. In addition, you are also able to enjoy the slopes of the ski areas Kreischberg, Lachtal and Grebenzen one last time before the winter season comes to an end. 

We invite you to relax in our beautiful region for a few days! You are able to choose between the hotel rooms ***, the hotel rooms **** or the Murauer rooms ****. Get excited over your stay in the middle of the historic medieval town at the foot of the castle hill in Murau. 

Trips around the region Murau-Kreischberg

During your Easter holidays at the Hotel Gasthof Lercher, there are numerous excursion destinations for you to discover. Stroll through the old town of Murau and immerse yourself in the history of the town. If you get into your car, you are also able to reach exciting attractions in the surrounding area. 

Whether you prefer history, the fauna or action - the surrounding region of the Hotel Gasthof Lercher has countless treasures to discover. During nice weather you are able to enjoy the active part of the region while playing golf, hiking or cycling. In winter, the region is characterized by its countless ski- and snowboard destinations

Leisure opportunities around the region Murau - Kreischberg

Leisure opportunities

Leisure activities in the region Murau-Kreischberg for young and old. Experience a diverse holiday with the whole family. 

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