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Winter vacation in Styria

Experience the winter in the region Murau - Kreischberg

When the snowflakes dance from the sky, the Hotel Gasthof Lercher invites you to take time for your winter vacation in the Murau - Kreischberg region. The family-run hotel welcomes you in the historic old town of Murau. In the Lercher's Restaurant a personally reserved table awaits you for lunch and dinner. In the afternoon, there are snacks to get back your strength after an active day.

You are welcome to book the room for your winter vacation with breakfast or half board. The hotel has a modernized 4-star wing and a cozy 3-star guesthouse in the same hotel. So everyone is able to book the perfect room for their winter vacation! Of course, all hygiene measures are taken in order for you to experience a carefree winter vacation!

A benefit for body and mind

Safe alpine skiing (skiing, snowboarding or freestyle) on the individual skiing mountains with perfectly prepared slopes will make your heart beat faster. Small and big slope racers have the possibility to expand their talents at our ski schools. Experience a skiing vacation that you will remember for a long time!

Snuggled up in a hood, gloves and a warm winter coat, you walk along the numerous winter hiking trails. Keep your cardiovascular system on the move and try the classified cross-country ski trails around the Weirerteich. The glittering ice crystals and rays of warming sun light will accompany you along the way.

Together with your friends and the whole family you will enjoy the natural toboggan runs. The region of Murau, cushioned in white cotton, is waiting for you.

Gentle tracks stretch along the mountain slopes. Step by step you get closer to heaven with the skins on your ski touring skis or with big bear paws on your feet. Enjoy amazing winter sport in the middle of the silent nature. Once you reach your destination, you will be rewarded by a magnificent panorama of the Tauern mountains and the Carinthian basin all the way to Slovenia.

A cozy winter afternoon

In the afternoon you take the opportunity to holistically strengthen your body. Slowly you glide over the white glittering carpet and make your loops on the perfectly groomed cross-country ski trails. You listen intently to the crunching of the snow under your skis and the sound of the wind in the trees. The movement makes you feel your body.

Wrapped up thickly in your warm winter clothes and armed with gloves, you set off to go tobogganing. Without much effort, you reach your starting point. Casually you swing onto your toboggan and rapidly take curve down into the valley. Your laughter can be heard far and wide.

A cozy winter day comes to an end

Arrived back at the hotel, you have earned a little rest. Warm up your frozen body with a small sauna session in the cozy relaxarium or take a pleasant bath. Suddenly you come across your favorite book you brought with you. You have enough time! Curiosity overtakes you and you can hardly wait to get to the end of the story. As your stomach starts to growl, you are able to put the book aside for a moment. Only now you realize how hungry you really are. Today's recommendations are already waiting at your table with a small sweet nibble to finish. With a selected glass of wine or a sip of beer, you let the evening come to an end.

Satisfied and happy you go to your room and are already excited about the next day.

Your arrival to the Hotel Gasthof Lercher

The way to the Hotel Gasthof Lercher in Murau is easy and uncomplicated to reach. The idyll with an assurance of snow, is located in the middle of the Nockberge and Niedere Tauern in the heart of Austria, Styria. The easiest way to reach the border triangle (Styria, Carinthia and Salzburg) is via the Tauern freeway and Tamsweg from Salzburg and via the Murtalexpressway, Judenburg and Scheifling from Vienna and Graz.

You can also reach us comfortably by train from Vienna and Graz. Arriving by the Murtalrailway already takes a little wind out of your sails. We are happy to pick you up from the train station in Murau. The combination of high alpine terrain and gentle winter landscapes in the valleys makes the region of Murau unique. The well-known winter sports resort with the former Ski Jumping World Cup and the Combination World Cup offer a wonderful starting point for your active winter vacation.

Get to know the historic old town

The picturesque historic old town invites you to linger for a while. The Mur river winds through the town like a green ribbon. The Renaissance castle of Murau and the gothic parish church with its beautiful old frescoes tower majestically over the rooftops of Murau. On your tour through the town, you will cross the Mursteg bridge to the modern district administration (Markus Tschapeller), the frozen Leonhardi pond and the Murauer Brewery (CO²-free cooperative brewery). Let yourself be surprised by the variety of cultural, historical and culinary treasures of the town.

If you stay in the region of Murau you will kill 3 birds with one stone. The favorite Styrian ski resorts Kreischberg, Lachtal and Grebenzen are located in immediate proximity of the town of Murau. Every day, our hotel shuttle will take you directly to the ski slopes at the Kreischberg.