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Strohmeier game specialities

Only fair game is used for production

Coloman Strohmeier, a trained chef and butcher, decided to specialize, together with his wife, in game-meat-processing.

The family-run establishment exists since 1985 and offers its costumers unique quality of its products regarding the sale of game and the production of game delicacies.

  • smoked venison ham
  • original Styrian country bacon

The long drying periods – 3 months in total – 2 months thereof at a mountain pasture 1.600 m above sea level – and the use of fresh herbs and spices are responsible for the excellent, tender taste of the smoked venison ham and the original Styrian country bacon - from own organic feeding.

Coloman Steinmeier only uses fair game for the production of his game delicacies, due to its unlimited habitat and aspect of hormone free meat, it complies with the highest quality criteria. The game delicacies are refined through long experience and their own recipe and therefore have a very unique and excellent taste.

Game of the local forests

  • fawn
  • rabbit
  • pheasant
  • boar
  • chamois
  • roe deer

Refined delicacies

  • venison sausage
  • venison ham
  • chamois ham
  • chamois sausage
  • game liver-meet for spreading
  • game meat loaf

Contact information:

Coloman Strohmeier
Bahnhofstraße 59, 8820 Neumarkt
Tel.: 0043 3384 330, Fax: 0043 3384 3504
eMail: wild-strohmeier (at) meisterstrasse. at, Web: