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Murauer beer

Murauer beer - the art of brewing since 1495

Clear air, pure water, hop and malt – those are the ingredients of the best Murauer beer for more than 500 years.

The Murauer beer is only produced with high qualitative raw materials from controlled contract farming. You are able to trace back the Murauer beer from the field all the way to the glass.

The Murauer brewery is a member of the Climate Alliance and is the only brewery in Austria that has received the “Hundertwasser eco-label Nr. 26 reusable packaging for beverages”. The Murauer brewery is also a partner of the BioRegion Murau. This is self-evident for us, because only in an intact region you are able to brew the best and flawless beer.

Just a small selection of our big range of products:

Murauer Märzen, Murauer Doppelmalz, Murauer Marille&Hollunder – nothing tastes like it, Murauer wheat beer, Murauer Pils.

Contact information:

Brauerei Murau eGen
Raffaltplatz 19-23, 8850 Murau
Tel.: 0043 3532 3266, Fax: 0043 326618
eMail: office (at) murauerbier. at, Web: