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Schwarzenberg fish farm

The princely family foundation of the Schwarzenberg

The fish farm was built in 1968 at the Lachnitzbach, approx. 1 km east of Murau. Clear natural water guarantees the best living conditions for trout. During egg stage the trout mature in the hatchery and at the fingerling stage the trout live in the fish farm and the corresponding pond and turn into edible fish. The fishery master Josef Klünsner has perfect knowledge of the particularities, the requirements and the utilisation possibilities of the trout. They are well-known for their high quality products far beyond the borders of Murau.

The Schwarzenberg smoked trout and smoked trout filets are processed in fine smoke out of local hardwood, which results in the special mild and aromatic flavour. A special smoke oven guarantees consistent quality during the complex smoking process.

  • Rainbow trout
  • Char
  • Graylings
  • Huchen from their own cultivation
  • Live fish
  • Ready-to-cook fish
  • Smoked fish (whole or filleted)

Direct selling at the fish farm at the Lachnitz river; supply of gastronomy and retail.

Contact information:

Fürstlich Schwarzenberg'sche Familienstiftung
Josef Klünsner, Fischmeister
Schlossberg 1, 8850 Murau
Tel.: 0043 3532 2302, Mobil: 0043 664 2440954
eMail: fischzucht-schwarzenberg (at) meisterstrasse. at