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Recipes of the Hotel Gasthof Lercher

One look over the chef de cuisine's shoulder

Our chef de cuisine Daniel Leitner is offering you a glimpse into his repertoire of recipes – mmh, very good!

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Shoulder of an organic goat with green asparagus, sweet potatoes & Meyer lemon

Stewing of the shoulder:

  • 1 shoulder of a goat (organic farm Rath, ripened at least for 1 week)
  • 1 liter goat meat stock or beef stock
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 yellow carrot
  • 1 celery
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 5 shallots
  • 5 sprigs of fresh thyme
  • Carpathian salt
  • 2 tsp. of concentrated butter
  • 2 tsp. fresh butter

Take the shoulder of the goat out of the refrigeration for a minimum of 1 hour before cooking. Heat the concentrated butter in a cast-iron saucepan. Season the shoulder each side with Carpathian salt and fry until golden brown in the concentrated butter.

Inbetween, peel the root vegetable and cut into rough pieces. Cut the garlic clove in half without peeling. Take the shoulder out of the saucepan and lay it aside. Let the butter swell in the saucepan, fry the vegetables and add the thyme. Put the shoulder back into the saucepan with the vegetables and pour the meat stock over it. Let it boil up one time and then cover it with a lid or tinfoil. Cook in the oven at 180° C top- and bottom heat for about 90 minutes.

Take off the lid for the last 10 min. and pour the meat stock regularly over the shoulder. Take the shoulder out of the saucepan and keep it warm. Take out the cooked vegetables and press the gravy through a fine sieve.

Grilled asparagus

  • 1 bunch of green asparagus from the Marchfeld or Lavantal
  • Carpathian salt
  • Wild garlic oil

Cut off the stringy ends of the asparagus (approx. 1 cm). Grill the asparagus on a charcoal grill or a frying pan strongly each side. Afterwards, season with wild garlic oil and Carpathian salt.

Sweet potatoes - Meyer lemon mash:

  • 2 sweet potatoes
  • 3 tsp. fresh butter
  • Carpathian salt
  • 2 tsp. finely chopped Meyer-salt-lemon-peel

Pierce the sweet potatoes with a small knife. Cook in the oven at 180° C hot air for 45 min. until soft. Subsequently, carve out the flesh with a spoon and mash it with fresh butter, salt and the Meyer-salt-lemon-peel.


Remove the meat from the bone. Arrange the sweet potato mash on a hot plate. Garnish with the cooked vegetables and the grilled asparagus. Place the meat next to the vegetables and finish with marinated wild herbs. Serve the gravy á par.

Poached hazlenut pie with pickled medlar, hazelnut brittle & vanilla ice cream

Hazlenut pie

  • 160g butter
  • 80g confectioner’s sugar
  • 2 limes (zeste)
  • 180g egg yolk
  • 50 ml hazelnut oil
  • 180g egg white
  • 140g granulated sugar
  • 210g grated & roasted hazelnuts
  • 70g bread crumbs
  • 50g ground flour

Beat up the butter, confectioner’s sugar and limes in the Kitchen Aid for 15 minutes until white (foamy). Mix the egg yolk with the oil. Slowly stir into the butter-mixture until the mixture is smooth. Afterwards, mix the egg white with the granulated sugar and whip until stiff. Mix all dry ingredients (hazelnuts, crumbs, flour). Alternately, add the egg white and hazelnut-mixture to the butter-mixture.

Butter 6 “quariol cups” and coat the inside with granulated sugar. Then fill up half of each cup with dough. Poach in a water-bath at 180° C top- and bottom heat for 25 minutes.

Turn the pies out of the cups immediately!


Sprinkle the hazelnut pies with confectioner’s sugar and place them in the middle of a round plate. Heat the medlar and arrange them around the pie. Pour some of the juice on the pie and garnish with caramelized hazelnuts and fine plucked wood sorrel. Finalise with a small bit of vanilla ice-cream and serve immediately.

We have been rewarded for our excellent service!

We have been rewarded with the “AMA Gastrosiegel” (quality label)! The label is an indication of origin for agricultural products and therefore a guide for regionality and fresh preparation.

Our menu provides information about the origin of the meat, dairy products, eggs, fruit, vegetables, potatoes, game or freshwater fish. Furthermore, the awarded restaurant owner is obligated to fresh food-processing and is not allowed to use food imitations or genetically modified foods.

more about the AMA Gastrosiegel

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