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Nature Park Sölktäler

Enjoy the nature and rest

The Nature park Sölktäler is a nature conservation and recreation area in Styria, Austria. It extends over the municipals Großsölk, Kleinsölk and Sankt Nikolai  in the Sölktal.

The Nature Park, covering an area of277 km², was founded between 1977 and 1983 and is part of a total of 7 Styrian nature parks.

Picturesque mountain villages, gentle alpine pastures, wild mountain streams and the Sölk marble mark the character of the Sölktäler.

Moreover, rugged peaks, cirques, cirque lakes, mountain pastures and forests, gentle meadow areas and embedded mountain villages in the valleys represent the beautiful scenery of the Nature Park Sölktäler.

The important aquatic habitats are represented at the nature park, such as swamp and damp areas with typical fauna, the 23 hectare big Schwarzsee and the alpine stream with numerous waterfalls.

After an exhausting hiking tour at the Nature Park Sölktäler, you get the chance to relax in the wellness area of the Hotel Lercher.

For the remaining days of your trip we offer you the perfect schedule with countless events.

Challenging hike in the Sölktäler

There are numerous challenging hiking tours to discover and explore at the Nature Park Sölktäler. The nature park is about 1,5 hours by car from the Hotel Gasthof Lercher in Murau.

Hiking tour St. Nikolai - Etrachsee from the Enns- to the Murtal

  • starting point: St. Nikolai
  • length: approx. 6 to 7 hours
  • altitude: approx. 1.100 m

From the starting point the route leads to the waterfall Kreuzsteg, then follows a climb to the Hohensee (1. 543 m above sea level), it partly leads around the lake, then follows a steep stage up to the Schimpelrücken. After a short way downhill, the trail leads through a canyon and afterwards you reach the Breitenbachsee, which is surrounded by cotton grass. The climb to the Schimpelsee and the last steep stages lead to the highest point of the tour at the Schimplescharte (2.273 m above sea level).

The descent leads through a big scree field and afterwards, you have to hike through a romantic larch- and stone pine forest. Passing the “Rudolf-Schober-Hütte”, you reach the Etrachsee, which offers a scenic highlight to round off the tour.

[Translate to English:] Wanderung St. Nikolai - Tuchoaralm

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  • Ausgangspunkt: St. Nikolai
  • Dauer: 7 Stunden
  • Höhenmeter: ca. 1.200 m

Der Weg bis zum Hohensee vollzieht sich gleich wie bei der Wanderung von St. Nikolai zum Etrachsee. Beim Hohensee erreichen wir nach einiger Zeit ein stilles Hochkar, die sogenannte Melk, mit zwei sehr romantisch eingebetteten Bergseen - dem Schwarzensee und dem Grünsee. Nach einer kleinen Höhenstufe erreichen wir vor dem letzten großen Aufstieg unseren Mittagsrastplatz, die letzte Höhenstufe führt uns über verschiedene Schneefelder bis zur Seekarlscharte (ca. 2.300 m).

Der Abstieg erfolgt relativ steil bis zum Seekarlsee mit einem herrlichen Bergpanorama im Hintergrund. Beim weiteren Abstieg sieht man schon ganz fern die Almhütten der Tuchmoaralm, von der Tuchmoar ist es noch ein ca. 40 Minuten Abstieg zur Tälerbushaltestelle

Hiking tour Gumpeneck (2.226 m)

  • starting point: Großsölk – the estate “Koller”
  • length: approx. 3,5 hours
  • altitude: 1.100 m above sea level

From the starting point a beautiful trail in the woods leads to the “Schönwetterhütte” (open for public), which was built out of Sölk marble. The trail leads further through a big cirque with a few “frog pools”, over an elongated ridge you reach the summit after a climb of about 3,5 hours.

Contact: Naturpark Sölktäler

8961 Sölk, Stein/Enns 107
Tel: 0043 3685 20903, Fax: 0043 3685 2090319
Mail: office (at) soelktaeler. at, Web:

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