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Town of Murau

The Styrian town of beer and wood

The small historian trading town Murau (population of 3.499 in 2020) is situated in a picturesque landscape. The Hotel Gasthof Lercher is located in the middle of the old town of Murau. Just like a green ribbon, the Mur is winding through the town. Surrounded by the partly preserved old city wall and its' still existing two city gates, the beautiful town houses are lined up side by side around the castle hill. The renaissance castle of Murau illustriously presides over the city roofs. The town of Murau invites you to discover cultural, historical and culinary treasures. Even people without an interest in culture and history are going to be amazed. 

The location of the Hotel Lercher in Styria

The charming hotel in the heart of Styria is the perfect location for a short trip. You are able to choose between budget rooms ***, hotel rooms **** or Murauer rooms ****,  with a view to the Stolzalpe and to the castle of Murau of the Princely Family of Schwarzenberg. At the foot of the castle hill at the Lercher's restaurant, we spoil our house guests as well as our á la carte-guests with delicacies from the region. Enjoy a little time off your every-day life in our cozy wellness area. Look forward to your discovery journey through the the center of the old town of Murau. Ancient buildings are waiting to tell you their stories. 

A stroll through the city in summer as well as in winter

With the city map in hands, which you've received at reception, you leave the hotel. You have already planned you route. You pass by shop windows . The smell of hot "Leberkäse" (a kind of meat loaf) is flowing through your nose. You stop for a minute and think about getting yourself a small treat. At the main square "Hammerherrenhäuser" (a special kind of construction, formed in the renaissance period) are lined up side by side. A plague column with a statue of the Virgin Mary is situated in the middle of the main square as a reminder of the plague in the year of 1717. On Friday, you are able to buy fresh food at the farmer's market. If you have left your favorite magazine at home, you surely find something in one of our shops. Over the Mur bridge you get to the train station. While crossing the river, you are able to sneak a peak at the marvelous historic city center

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Getting to know the town of Murau

Kindness and cordiality is very important for the people in the historic town of Murau. During your shopping stroll, you are going to discover small boutiques and find the perfect souvenir for your loved ones at home. The town is going to surprise you with its sights and museums, such as the Brewery of the Senses or a guided tour through the renaissance castle of Murau. Whether at lunch or in the evening, you are going to find daily recommendations of fresh dishes, sweets and biscuits at the Lercher's restaurant. Enjoy your stay with a glass of Styrian wine or a sip of Murauer beer. 

How about a trip with the famous Murtalrailway? You can't miss the railway with its' white smoke at the train station. The nostalgic railway gets you through the whole region. On your way through the timber town Murau, you are going to pass by an information pavilion in the middle of the city park. It offers summarized information about the region for visitors and locals alike and is made out of larch wood. While passing by laughing kids at the water play, the swings or during building sand castles, you discover the music pavilion of Murau. 

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The historic old town of Murau is going to enchant you

During hot summer days you are able to cool yourself with a refreshing jump into our natural outdoor swimming pool. Back in the town you walk over the "Raffalt" square to the Brewery of Murau. In 2020 the brewery celebrated its 525th year of brewery culture. You are able to take a glimpse behind the curtains of the modern brewery museum, called "Brewery of the Senses" and learn more about the CO2-neutral production of beer. At the so called "red house", the restored historical town hall, you are going to be reminded of your own childhood during Christmas season

It smells like gingerbread and mulled wine, traditional Christmas ornaments with bright shining eyes and warm hearts. Through the gate of the Regio23 you get to the church of St. Matthew, our parish church. St. Matthew is the patron saint of tax collectors and accountants and is watching over the town. While looking over the town, your eyes range from the modern District Commission out of glass to the Capuchin Church. The crypt of the Princely Family of Schwarzenberg and Anna Neumann is located in that church. Behind the church, you are going to find the crafts museum. Foresighted Murau enthusiasts are expanding the collection more and more and allow you to immerse into the history of the town, different customs and culture of craftsmanship. Numerous flat stairs are leading up the the castle of Murau. 

Cycling along the Mur

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Experience the summer in the town of Murau

In summer this cozy little place is going to mesmerize you with its Jazz Friday of the cultural association and traditional summer concerts of the town band of Murau on Wednesdays. On the other side you'll find the home of our Samson. It is a giant figure, which is dancing through the city on Ascension Day (15th of August) accompanied by the town band and the civil guard of Murau. Over the "Kreuzweg" you reach the small gothic church of St. Leonhard. If you take a peak through the keyhole, you might catch sight of valuable treasures. 

Full of energy you are moving on and try all the different devices at the fitness trail around the "Leonhardi" pond. You stop in between and take a breath. Enjoy your steps on the ground of the forest, the chirping of the birds between the trees or watch the fish swimming excitedly in the pond. While wandering along the pond you are going to recognize the wide variety of domestic trees and shrubs at close range. 

Leisure opportunities around the region Murau - Kreischberg

Leisure opportunities

Leisure activities in the region Murau-Kreischberg.

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There is something for everyone

The renaissance castle is pompously raising over the wall. The small "Lustgarten" (literally, pleasure garden) is framing the area with its numerous fruit trees. The two parrots of the castle enjoy the fresh air during warm temperatures. If you get to the main gate on time, you are able to take part in a brilliant guided tour through the castle. None resembles the other. 

Getting curious? In summer there are regular guided tours and adventure tours available, where the ambassadors of the World of Wood lead you through architectural and cultural treasures of the town. You are able to borrow an audio guide at the tourism office of Murau. The audio guide takes you to the main sights of the town all year around. 

Energized you hit the road. You are breathing in the fresh mountain air during a hike or a ski tour at the Niedere Tauern and the Nockberge. Cycling along the Mur and enjoying the sparkling winter wonderland. Slowly climbing up the hill with the E-bike or snow shoes. Racing over the mountain passes on your motorcycle or downhill with your skis. Brace yourself for your hole in one or hit the stock during a game of curling. Throwing a line and unwinding during cross-country skiing. 

Whether you visit the region Murau due to the motorsport event in Spielberg, the numerous customs- and traditional festivals or a simple delightful and relaxing vacation, the region is waiting for you either way.

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First settlements and the Morowe castle

The area has already been populated during the Bronze age and the Roman period. "Castrum Murow" - the town of Murau was first officially mentioned in the year 1250. The town charter was conferred by Otto II of Lichtenstein in 1298. In the 13th century, the minnesinger Ulrich of Lichtenstein gave the order to build the Morowe castle. Soon after that, a merchant settlement was formed around the fortified complex. The St. Leonhard square and the Grünfels castle were also built during this period. 

Anna Neumann and Georg Ludwig Reichsgraf of Schwarzenberg

Anna Neumann of Wasserleonburg is still regarded as the empress of Murau. She was a unique woman, who survived two witch trials and five husbands. The last husband was Georg Ludwig Reichsgraf of Schwarzenberg, whom she transferred the reign of Murau with a deed of donation in 1617. He ordered to build the renaissance castle of Murau in the middle of the Thirty Year's War. Since that period, the royal house of Schwarzenberg has its seat in Murau.