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Events in Murau-Kreischberg

Events in the region Murau - Kreischberg - there is always something going on!

We give you an oversight of current events taking place in the region. The varied programme can be perfectly included when planning your holiday. Murau puts great emphasis on tradition!

We offer guided tours through the snowy old town, snowshoe hikes and ski mountaineering in winter.

In spring and summer, there are different events at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. The highlight is definitely the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Austria.

A highlight in autumn is the traditional “cutting down of the may pole” with live music. During the Christmas period the region gets very peaceful and you are able to experience Styrian customs everywhere you go.

Promoting native bumblebees in the garden in Neumarkt

  • 16. June 2023

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Formula 1 at Spielberg

  • 30. June until 02. July 2023

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Wine festival in St. Lamprecht

  • 21. July 2023

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Wandelbühne St. Lambrecht

  • 28. July 2023

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Cave hike in St. Lambrecht

  • 3. August 2023

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Wandelbühne St. Lambrecht

  • 4. August 2023

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mamabeda "verhåckert" in Mariahof

  • 11. August 2023

Lercher's street concert in front of the Hotel Gasthof Lercher

  • 14. August 2023, Start 08.00 pm
  • Hotel Gashof Lercher & music association Murau

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Long Night in the Abbey Garden in St. Lambrecht

  • 15. August 2023

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"Handflow" at the Pöllauer Ursprung

  • 19. August 2023

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Cut down the maytree - Frühshoppen of the music association St. Ruprecht - Falkendorf

  • 10. September 2023, Start 11.00 am
  • Hotel Gasthof Lercher & ÖKB Murau
  • Raffle of the maypole and other nice prizes

Biodiversity market in Graz

  • 27. September 2023

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  • Beginning of November

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Die Dreigroschenoper - Play by Bertolt Brecht | Music by Kurt Weill

  • 10. November bis 19. November 2023

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Little Red Riding Hood - play by Agatha Christie

  • 1. December - 10. December 2023

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There is further information about the events on the website of the region Murau-Kreischberg.

Website of the region