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Murau Biennal - Global Beer Festival 2019

The smooth global brewing culture

The second time, on June 15th 2019, the town of Murau introduces the cultural festival “muraubiennal”. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about beer.

At the exhibition-festival you are able to gather interesting facts about the history of the beer around the world and the history of brewing in the town of Murau. Individual plays, readings and other creative implementations around the topic “beer” round off the programme. Furthermore, you have the chance to take part in beer tastings (beer with and without alcohol).

Since 1298, Murau is officially defined as a brewery town and since the year 1495 the people from Murau are able to drink Murauer beer. This is reason enough, to focus on everyone’s favourite product – beer. In the year 2017, within the framework of the “muraubiennal”, summer exhibitions about “the Schwarzenberg” were organized by the town. This time, beer with its global significance, is the focal point of the exhibition.

You are able to experience the “Global Beer” from June 15th to October 12th 2019 in the old town of Murau - free admission.

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    The Global Beer - Tour

    The Global Beer – Tour covers 9 stations in total throughout the old town of Murau. You have the chance to learn more about the long history of beer. For 800 years, beer has been brewed in the brewery town Murau. A corporate society of brewing was founded in the 20th century.  

    Austria is a beer-country with numerous beer types and different styles - you have the possibility to discover them all, if you take part in the tour.

    The history of how the beer from the monasteries was taken over by the aristocratic houses is very fascinating. A thrilling exhibition and exclusive beer stories from Murau are the perfect programme for your stay.